Far Infrared Amethyst
Mat Sessions

Far infrared rays, also known as FIR, are invisible rays produced widely in nature. The sun produces FIR in the form of visible light spectrums. The human body emits its own FIR, and certain minerals and mineral composites radiate FIR. Our mat contains amethyst, tourmaline, and germanium which is able to radiate FIR when heat is applied. The heat applied via the mat and/or the radiant heat from the human body can both activate the FIR from these minerals. Research shows that the human body easily absorbs FIR. The benefits are that far infrared heat stimulates blood circulation and the movement of all bodily fluids throughout the body, including lymphatic fluids. The increase of FIR in the body increases production of enzymes that degrade biological damaging molecules. Use our far infrared mat to help lessen pain, gain flexibility, increase circulation, support the immune system, stimulate detoxification and lymphatic flow, and lessen body stiffness.

15 minute session: $10

30 minute session: $20

Biofeedback Testing

You can now safely and rapidly get answers to personal health questions or concerns. You'll be empowered to better manage and improve your health by finding root causes rather than treating symptoms. This noninvasive testing could help you get to the bottom of a wide variety of health problems. It captures and records vital health information uncovering stressors or imbalances in the body. You'll begin by finding the areas most important to your body's healing and end up with a list of lifestyle changes and supplements to help bring you into better health. This service is offered here in correlation with One Focus Health & Wholeness.

You can schedule your biofeedback appointment by calling 828-305-3373 or email:


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